Olympics Rock

Many of us right now are probably watching the Summer Olympics in Rio. But for me, watching the Summer Olympics always makes me miss the Winter Olympics. Which are my absolute favorite. Of course my favorite sport in the Winter Olympics is hockey. To get back to the Summer Olympics for a minute I like watching the swimming, the diving, the cycling, the gymnastics and the track and field. Those are my favorites to watch however, for those Winter Olympics I love the hockey, the snowboarding and the skiing. If I can remember correctly Canada has won the gold in hockey for the past couple winter Olympics with USA being our number one rival. The game for gold and silver between Canada and the USA is by far one of the most intense, exciting and anxiety ridden games to ever watch.

People who live in the USA believe in their hearts that they are the masters of hockey but all of us who live in Canada know that is not true. We are the ones who started hockey and we are the ones who are the masters of hockey. That is why the USA get silver and we get the gold. It’s always good to have a little rivalry in sports. USA however usually dominates the Olympics especially in the Summer Olympics. They have the best swimming athletes I have ever seen and gymnastics and beach volleyball are no slouches either.  Canada right now is holding their own with their metals but we usually dominate in this Winter Olympics so the Summer Olympics we just participate so we can get some gold , some silvers and some bronze. It’s the Winter Olympics where we really, really want to dominate and we do! We do really well in the winter Olympics. I get so into watching both the Olympic games, summer and winter.  I feel so proud of my country and all of the athletes.  I get really happy when we win and really upset when we lose. I cannot wait for two more years so we can watch the Winter Olympics and watch Canada dominate the rest of the world!

Speaking of competitions, and this is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine.  I love those lumberjack contests where they cut down trees and and what not.  I know it’s pretty far off subject but it came to mind so I thought I would share


Spring Time Hockey

So as we all know that this blog is about pond hockey and backyard hockey and we have talked in lengths about both. So what do we talk about now that it is spring and almost summer? Do you think that we are going to stop playing hockey now that is warm out? The answer to that question is a big fat NO!! At least  not here in Canada, maybe in the States but in Canada we play hockey year round. Why? Because we eat, breathe, live and LOVE hockey here in the north.

Now that is officially spring and almost summer we have to modify how we play hockey. This can get a little complicated but we don’t let anything get in our way. I have personally designed many make shift hockey rinks for the warm weather. The easiest thing to do is to strap on your roller blades or if you are old school strap on your roller skates and grab your hockey nets and do it like Wayne and Garth and set up road blocks in your street and have a “game on/gameoff” hockey match. You can still use your dame hockey nets but you just need to protect the bottom of them so they so not scrap to much on the concrete. You can still use your same sticks but you will just have to go through more tape, again because of the concrete. I prefer to use a tennis ball to play hockey, even though it is round not flat like the puck it still gives the same filling as the puck and it seriously hurts less than a puck when you get hit with it, which is a bonus because you don’t need to wear pads when playing hockey this way. Who wants to wear pads when its 70 or 80 degrees outside? Not this dude.

Thanks for sticking around! More to come about hockey in warm climates! Peace out



Backyard Rink Tourney

I figure if you can have pond hockey tourneys, why not have them on backyard rinks too? When I was a kid we would just play shinny every night. Whoever showed up played and we always had a good time. Ok, mostly a good time. Once my buddy Andre knocked out his front tooth when he was tripped by Pierre Gaudet on an attempted breakaway. That brought our game to a quick end. My mom was pissed cause she had to try to find Dr. Day to see if he could look at Andre’s tooth after hours. Andre’s mom was working so my mom had to do it. Andre and Pierre were cool with the whole thing but my mom wasn’t. We heard about it for days afterward.

Back to the backyard rink tourney. I’m thinking the easiest way to do this is grab a few friends and hash it out over a few brews. The best is 4 on 4 if you have a smaller rink. If you have an arena size rink, then try to build a good size team. You know your rink best so scale it to what works for you. The best thing is deciding the prize. I’m sure my buds would want the losing team to pay for drinks at The Coach. That works for us. Maybe the second prize will be a dirty jock. Inhale big, brother.

You probably want to play over 1 day rather than a weekend but if you have a lot of teams, do it over a weekend. Make your garage the changeroom. The wife won’t be happy with smelly hockey gear in her living room. Whatever you do, make sure your wife knows about the plans and can have her say. You don’t need to do what she says but hear her out so she feels like she has some input. Then do what you want and beg forgiveness later.  We ended up finding another sponsor for the tourney I’m planning.  Sh*t is getting real now.  The most recent sponsor is Livonia Photo Booth, they are in the photo booth rental business and have donated 150 looneys!

Pond Hockey Tourneys and future plans for my own.


If you and your buds want to play in a pond hockey tourney, there are 2 of them in Canada which are big. I’m sure you can find small local ones or even create your own if you want. If you live in Ontario, the 2 tourneys take place here each year. But people from all over Canada and the US come and play in these events.

The Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships
This is an epic tourney that is played over 3 days at Deerhurst Resort in Ontario. In 2015, they had over 1500 people play in 8 divisions. This year they have 9 divisions. Check ‘em out:
Men’s Masters Champs 35+
Men’s Master’s Rec 35+
Women’s Masters 35+
Women’s Rec 19+
Women’s Open 19+
Greybeards 50+
Men’s Open 25+
Men’s Rec 25+
and NEW for 2016 Men’s Young Bloods 20+

I’m writing this post on Feb 8 and the tourney was this weekend. I don’t see results posted yet. Weather was kinda warm so I don’t even know if they played. If they did, you can bet it was a rockin time.

The North American Cup
This is the other fine tourney you might want to check out. Its in Gravenhurst Ontario which isn’t that far from Deerhust Resort. (I guess you need a hurst in the name in order to hold one of these tourneys?) I looked at their website and it wasn’t very clear how many divisions they have. It says 4 but then it also says there’s a women’s division. WTF? Dudes, get your sh*t together and make your website make sense. Based on how disorganized the website is, let’s hope that the actual tourney is more organized. They hold this tourney in March. So if you wanna register, you still got time.

I have been working on putting together my own backyard tourney and believe it or not I found a business owner that is willing to sponsor our team for the day!  He asked that I share his website as a shout out for his donation.  Thank you Jeremy from Waterford Sealcoat!

Building your own Backyard Hockey RInk

This post is gonna to be devoted to building a backyard rink. Now, when my dad built our rink in the backyard, he bought plywood, shored it up and then flooded the surface. That’s the kinda rink I have built for my daughter. Check it out: 




  I store the plywood in my garage during the summer and drag it out in the fall. I usually have help from a few friends and over a case or two of some brew, we slap that sucker up. Flooding takes a little longer and depends on what mother nature is doling out.

I like to flood in the morning. I help to get my daughter off to daycare in the mornings cause my wife is a nurse and works night shifts. Way easier for me to do cause I own my own business selling and installing tankless water heater systems. I find getting up before my carpet monkey does to flood the rink is the best way to do it. Then it sets most of the day.

How to build a rink Continue reading Building your own Backyard Hockey RInk

Pond Hockey!

Pond hockey!!!
Ok, I gotta confess that I have only ever played pond hockey a couple of times when I was a kid. Cause we had the backyard rink, I stayed at home to play. Sudbury has tonnes of little lakes all around it and when I went with my friend Andre to his camp we played shinny with his cousins on the pond for an entire weekend. It was really weird. I was used to having boards around and there weren’t any. I learned really quickly that you had to keep your shots low or you were getting off the ice and trying to find where the puck landed. Not easy walking on snow covered rocks in your skates.
Continue reading Pond Hockey!

Back to my hockey roots.

Hey all you pond and backyard hockey fans! This site is for you. PB Hockey stands for Pond and Backyard Hockey. We’re looking to get you out of the arena. Break free, dude!

This site is gonna look at all things to do with pond and backyard hockey. We’re going old school here and pond hockey is serious business in case you didn’t know, read up here.  I might point you to some tourneys going on but I won’t give my opinion on them. That’s up to you whether you want to play in them or not. I’m simply here to give you the 411 on this stuff. The rest is up to you. Continue reading Back to my hockey roots.

Hi everyone on the interwebs!!!

This is my first time ever doing something like this.  I am really excited to be an official blogger.  I decided that this winter was finally the winter that I was gonna quit being lazy and start my blog about my passion, can you guess what it is?!  Lol  If you do not, then I am sure you will know soon enough.  Anyway, I wanted to get this first post up on the site just so it would be official that I was a blogger.  I will be adding posts somewhat frequently and hope that you will visit often.